How To Deal With Discomfort of High Heels

“High heels te nachche, tan tu badi jachche”

This popular Bollywood song clearly shows the ladies love for high heels. Despite the discomfort, high heels bring, women are not shy away from flaunting the glamorous look these heels give them.

The stunning sexy look high heels give can easily help you turn a lot of heads and win many compliments, no wonder why women are ready to negotiate with pain and discomfort it brings, after all, there is an old saying “No pain, no gain.”


Since high heels have become an essential part of women wardrobe they can’t be avoided. Here are some of the tips that can be used to minimize the discomfort and pain and still carry that smoking hot glamorous look.

Don’t Get Carried Away: It is easy to get carried away what you see on television, choose the height of your heel according to your comfort level because if you are not comfortable then it will reflect on your face and you won’t be able to carry the glamours look with confidence.

Wear Heels for Short Amount of Time: You simply can’t wear heels all day long, still if you are caught in such situation, try to minimize your standing and walking. If you watch celebrities closely they do they same, they get down from the car probably walk for a small distance then find themselves then find a comfortable place to sit.


Check the Thickness of The Sole: This is a very important most of the times high heels comes with the thinner sole which hardly absorbs any shock or pressure. It gives your body kind of a posture where there is a tremendous amount of pressure on you feet, it is good if you go with a thicker sole.

Use Cushioning Pads: We know there are not a lot of fans of platform heels, what you can do alternatively is to use the orthopedic cushioning pads to improve support and absorb pressure without compromising with your bold and glamorous look. You can also use ankle socks if your sporting high boots, ankle socks does have extra cushioning at ankle.

Avoid Pointed Toes: Avoiding pointed toes is a very good idea since high heel posture puts pressure on the toes and you don’t want to further complicate things by opting for pointed toes which further increase pressure on your toes.

Keep First Aid Medication: It will be very smart on your part if you can carry a small amount of cotton and medicated strip, these two things can come handy in case of hurting nail and blister formation.

Treat Your Feet: After the party is over, you must treat your feet gentle foot massage of soaking your feet in lukewarm water. Keep an eye on your toes as well, if you notice any hardening of skin around toes or other parts of the feet then do not ignore it. After a long hard day, your feet deserve that treat.

Well! these are some of the quick tips that can be used, do share your thoughts and opinions on this.

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