Go, get some books or maybe just a Kindle!

Books are endearing, soul stirring, entertaining and what not. They become what you want them to be. A good read at the end of a tiring day takes away all your pain. When Frank Zappa said “So many books, so little time”, how we just wished for infinite time and lots of books.

If you are a book lover and need a frequent dose of books then you must be aware of the hassle of keeping lots of books too. What if we could keep all our books in one small space. No need to worry about spaces, searching for the lost books and there comes book readers. There are many devices; but nothing better than Kindle. So here are we present you the features and price of different Kindle devices in India:

All-New Kindle E-reader

The first one in the list is 6” All-New Kindle E-reader with Glare-Free Touchscreen Display. It is aavailable in your choice of black or white. It will be easy on your eyes-touchscreen display reads like real paper. No screen glare, even in bright sunlight, unlike tablets. You can hold thousands of books in it. This is available for Rs. 5,999. Buy it here.

Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi

The second in the list is Kindle Paperwhite with 300 ppi which reads like paper. It comes with built-in adjustable light. Charge it ones and forget the next charging for weeks. It is lighter than a paperback, holds thousands of books. It comes in 2 versions. One with WiFi supported and other one is WiFi plus 3G. You can purchase the WiFi supported device for Rs. 10,399 and WiFi plus 3G supported device for Rs. 13,399. Don’t worry build in 3G of the Kindle device wouldn’t make any dent to your pocket as Amazon pays for it. You can buy Kindle Paperwhite here.

Kindle Voyage Wifi – 6″ High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Adaptive Built-in Light and PagePress Sensors

The next in the list is Kindle Voyage. This also comes with 6” high resolution display with 300 ppi. With adaptive built in light, you never have to worry about reading in bright sunlight or total darkness. This adaptive built in light can be customized as per personal preferences. To turn pages you can use PagePress sensors. Kindle Voyage again comes in 2 versions. One with WiFi and the second with WiFi plus 3G. You can get the first one for Rs. 16,499 and the second one for Rs. 20,499. Purchase it here.

All-New Kindle Oasis

The last one in the list is All-New Kindle Oasis which is the thinnest Kindle. It may be thinnest but don’t question is resilience as it comes with strongest cover glass. Take it everywhere with you as you hop on for your next destination. With 6” high-resolution 300 ppi display you get printed page like reading.You can download thousands of books with 4 GB device storage.All-New Kindle Oasis supports WiFi and 3G both and you can save all your Amazon content on Free cloud storage.You can get WiFi supported device for Rs. 23,999 and WiFi plus free 3G for Rs. 27,999. You can purchase it here.

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